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I'm with you on the whole Nell thing. What are you feeling about Hetty? I am still so incredibly pissed off that she has faced NO consequences for her actions!!! And Callen was so annoying in this last episode.



Yeeeeesss.  I was so annoyed with Callen.  Ha.  I mean, I get it - she’s like a mom, I guess.  And you never want harm to come to anyone, regardless.  And I don’t expect any of them to not be concerned for her - but he was overboard.  And I just can’t believe he has the same emotional connection with her now as he did back in the beginning.  He knows a lot of the crap she’s done.  And she’s never been held accountable for any of it!  Doesn’t that frustrate him?  Isn’t he tired of it?

(Also, aside, I was upset with Sam and Callen and how they treated Granger last ep.  Granger was right and they were both dicks.)

I’m tired of it.  I’m super upset that the show brought out this hearing, making us believe that maybe, just maybe, someone was going to call Hetty on her bullshit and the awful things she’s done, but that isn’t at ALL what happened.  First of all, it was a ruse, designed to protect her.  And the people that matter don’t even think she has shit to be called on.  And second, THEY DIDN’T CALL HER ON THE RIGHT STUFF!  Don’t call her on the rescue mission, call her on the damn mission itself.  Call her on all the inconsistances and the inappropriate nature of the whole thing.  Call her on the fact that she sent Kensi to not!kill her ex-fiance without telling Kensi.  Hetty was one scarf-removal away from being responsible for Kensi assassinating an innocent man WHO SHE LOVED.

…and no one has said a word about it.

Hell, Deeks probably still thinks Kensi was sent because of him.  Maybe Kensi thinks that too.  Has anyone given her another explanation?

wingsofnight nails it.

I decided to entertain hermionesmydawg with my liveblog and these were literally my first reactions.

The fact that Hetty is so offended by the charges and replies to everything so arrogantly like she doesn’t understand why the big bad congressman is treating her so harshly while she’s clearly as innocent as a cloistered nun makes me despite her so much. She did bad things, she’s manipulative and upright dangerous. It’s frustrating enough that she doesn’t have to suffer the consequences of her actions, she gets to walk away without a word, but it’s simply inexplicable to me why the team continues to worship her like she’s some kind of saint. 

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I feel like I’m the only one in the ncis la fandom that doesn’t give a fuck about Nell.

Maybe it’s because her storyline was so alike Deeks’s last season (emotional trauma + locked inside his house + doesn’t respond to his partner’s calls + Nate comes to get him to take a walk + Nate does his thing + Nate gives his advice to the decision maker), but it made me yawn big time. Also, I’ve never been a fan of seeing Nell become a Ninja Turtle/Mini Hetty, I just don’t buy it but that’s most likely my problem with her acting more than anything else.

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It’s why we’re partners.

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Just so my anons can see that they’re not the only ones that constantly think about Deeks in very inappropriate ways. I’m so glad that ncis-los-angeles is as perverted as I am. :D

I’m so proud of this!

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NCIS: Los Angeles - The 3rd Choir (Sneak Peek 1)


Ok, these people have made some sort of weird deal to drive us all crazy. I can’t explain this otherwise! They are full of controversies.

  • They kiss after 3 years —>They pretend nothing happened
  • They finally spend the night together —>They get separated for five freaking months
  • Deeks breaks up with her by giving her her knife —> They hug and giggle and kiss (undercover as always!!!)
  • Kensi is homicidally jealous of Talia —> Kensi becomes besties with Talia
  • They are just partners —> We actually see them sleeping together on her couch - fully dressed and innocently but that doesn’t change the fact that THEY WERE SLEEPING TOGETHER!!!!!!
  • Deeks wants kids —> Deeks doesn’t want kids —> Deeks is thinking about baby names (Really??????????)
  • They are just partners (I know I am repeating myself) —> They carpool together!!!!

I’ll need more Doritos to get by this season!!!!


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NCIS: LA Photo Recap - 6x03





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Some surfer you are, Deeks. 

6am isn’t that early. 

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Look how happy we are without the #jpkteasers. 

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Get up.

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-Partners? -Yeah, that’s what we are , right?


Oh, come on! After 5 seasons and they are still sleeping together on the couch with their clothes on? Give. Me . A. Break!! 

"Miss Blye, with your captivity you wasted tax payers money" Does that sound ridiculous or what? It’s like "You were held hostage, beaten up, tortured, but hey, all that time and you never thought of the tax payers? Shame on you!"

ECO, please remove your hair from your face! I want to see your eyes. I can not see your eyes, baby!

Why don’t they ever have the correct takes of those two? Wipe her tear with the other hand, on the other cheek! I want to see it more clearly!!

But, honestly, it was a beautiful moment for a kiss. No, it was the perfect kiss moment… KISS HER!! … Nope. And yes, just like that the moment was gone…

And (sorry, but I can’t resist saying the last one)”Deeks and Kensi are 5 minutes away” Well it took them around that time to wipe the tear, so yeah, all season’ s 5 strangers giving unasked for advise were right, they probably shouldn’t be together..

Still, a good episode if you get used to the densi bantering - ok, and a little emotional - back to season 3 partnership all over again. Personnally, I need more to get excited on the densi front, but it was a good, solid episode overall. Everything made sense and it was well tied together.

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I shouldn’t have spoiled myself that something exciting was coming. I kept waiting for more!

Though we got the snoozing, the shipmates, a hug and an honest conversation.  That’s like better than last season in its entirety.

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